The rapidly changing economic scenario around the world and a variety of projects initiated under CPEC in Pakistan demand a specific focus on professional and skilled human capital. The standardization of HEC-Pakistan in line with international curricula has increased the cost and duration of both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Pakistan making it difficult for many talented and aspiring young men and women to reap the socio-economic benefits of education.

The conventional 2-year BA, B.Sc., B.Com. Degree might be affordable for a large number of college going students, but due to its static nature of curriculum, it has failed to provide professionally trained and focused graduates to cater the specific industry needs. It has also been officially announced by HEC that these 2-year qualifications will no longer be offered from 2018 onwards. To fill this gap between industry needs and skilled manpower, professional 2-year degree programs are required for millions of high school graduates that prepare them for the job market in short time while maintaining affordability for the students across the country.

To support the HEC initiative of 2-year associate degree program across Pakistan, Riphah International University has decided to offer 2-year Associate degree programs to those who cannot afford to pursue a 4-year degree program.

These programs will not only enable students to graduate with specialized knowledge and skills in just 2-years but also will help fill the industry gap in the specialized areas of Business administration and information technology.

Associate Degree Program:

An Associate Degree is a 2-year post intermediate qualification which is primarily offered in market driven subjects. This degree opens doors to a more promising career path. This flexible and fast-paced degree allows students to earn a valuable qualification in just 4-semesters. This degree will allow greater access to quality higher education to the youth, ensuring higher education at affordable cost in market driven subjects having relevance to the needs of the industry. The scheme of the study for the associate degree offers a combination of compulsory, foundation, core and elective courses as per guidelines provided by HEC Pakistan. The flexibility is provided to offer both core and elective courses according to requirements of the local community.

Associate degree prepares students to work in a particular field upon graduation and is generally more hands-on than the traditional 2-year bachelor’s degree programs. Although students will be ready to join the workforce immediately upon graduation, associate degree credits can be transferred towards a 4-year bachelor’s degree programs in relevant subject area. The Associate Degree Program will be offered under semester system of education and will be awarded upon qualifying a minimum of 66 credit hours in four semester/ two years. It will be recognized as equivalent to existing 2-year bachelor programs.

Salient Features?

  • Equivalent to the conventional BA/BSc/BCOM
  • Semester system (4-semesters, 2-years)
  • A minimum of 66 credit hours and 22 courses
  • Courses designed to develop students’ communication, interpersonal, analytical, and specialized occupational skills
  • Dynamic approach in course designing through industry coordination
  • Flexible class timings