Technical education has started gaining importance in Pakistan for the past few years. We see many advertisements for technical schools offering short courses, but when we look globally, we get to observe what other countries are doing to train their individuals. We see a rather streamlined and more efficient system in the form of Community Colleges. Many people confuse Community Colleges with Technical Schools/Colleges but they are quite different in terms of their certification and scope.

Technical schools offer short courses generally spread over weeks or months. The learning is quite limited even though these programs train students for specific jobs; whereas community colleges offer the students two-year degree programs which provide the students with an option to either continue their studies towards getting a 4-year Bachelors Degree or choose a career in their desired profession. Even though the Associate Degree Program is focused on a specific field but it also provides the students with a holistic knowledge base in other related subject areas needed for their professional growth.

Riphah International University aims to pave ways for the youth of Pakistan towards a bright and successful future. The courses that are being offered cover a wide range of careers and can accommodate all types of individuals depending on their interests and aims. Since the discontinuation of conventional two year Bachelors programs, the options to pursue higher education are minimized, especially for the students who are not financially sound. Also for those who do not want to pursue the 4-year programs due to other reasons. Riphah International University, after realizing this gap, has taken an initiative to start a chain of Community Colleges across Pakistan, providing quality education at an affordable cost. Being a developing country, we need such programs to help our youth grow on a professional level.

The new Associate Degree program offers a wide range of specialized areas to choose from. This program enables students to pursue a specialized career field in just two years, securing the youth from the repulsions of unemployment and costly education.